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A First Look Inside Tullibee at the Hewing Hotel

Grae Nonnas' brings his take on Nordic to the North Loop.

The new hotel on Washington Avenue North is named after the process of hewing, working wood until it's smooth. Inside the ground level restaurant Tullibee, chef Grae Nonnas and his team are steadily and smoothly working on a Nordic influenced menu that includes dishes familiar to Minnesotans, like the lefse (called potato flatbread here, but ask grandma. It's lefse.) Plus, several innovative bites can be found inside including new preparations on season vegetables. There are also meats that are butchered in house and a selection that will change frequently, hanging above the roaring open fire. Snacks at the bar include some seriously addictive French fries that pair beautifully, with the Bittercube crafted cocktails. The pastry menu created by chef Steven Cak who also came to town from Austin toys with expectations and delivers handily on stunning flavors.

These menus aren't on the website just yet, but we have the bar, beverage, dinner and dessert menus just for you.


300 North Washington Avenue, , MN 55401 (651) 468-0600 Visit Website