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Wisconsin Man's Fish Fry Defense Doesn't Hold Water

An attempt to blame beer battered fish for a DUI doesn't work.

It's not the beer in the batter
It's not the beer in the batter
Hillary Dixler

A 76 year-old Friendship, Wisconsin man was found guilty on Monday of driving while under the influence by an Adams County jury. According to the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, John H. Przybyla was pulled over by the police on the night of October 12, 2014 after a deputy witnessed him make a U turn on the highway and observed the vehicle had a taillight out. When he ran the plates of the vehicle, the deputy then discovered that the registered owner, Przybyla was driving on a revoked license for prior drunk driving convictions.

Court documents reflect that after the officer had pulled the suspect over, he detected a strong odor of alcohol on the driver's breath. Przybyla responded that he had just come from a fish fry where he had not been drinking at all. The deputy proceeded to arrest Przybyla who refused to take a blood alcohol test as it was against his religion. A preliminary breath test showed an intoxication level of .062. Wisconsin residents with three or more drunk driving convictions are allowed no more than a .02 blood alcohol concentration.

This conviction is Przbyla's tenth OWI.

File this story in the You-had-to-try files along with the drunk guy on the lawn mower and the electric La-Z-Boy driver.