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Two Men Charged in Illegal Spotted Cow Sales in Maple Grove

The former bar owner and manager are charged with illegally transporting the beer across state lines for resale.

The Spotted Cow fall out continues
The Spotted Cow fall out continues
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New Glarus Spotted Cow drinkers are a loyal bunch (unlike those fairweather Fat Squirrel fans). One of the best selling beers in Wisconsin has made many a Sunday trip over state lines destined for Minnesota refrigerators, but the brew is not allowed to be sold outside of the state. And yet, drinkers have proven that if you bring it, they will buy it, as the Maple Tavern in Maple Grove discovered.

An anonymous tip led agents from the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division to discover that the bar was selling the beer along with receipts for 10 kegs purchased in Hudson, Wisconsin. The Maple Tavern's liquor license was revoked in connection with the incident, but reissued in July after going dry for 3 weeks and dismissing its bar staff.

Now, the bar's onetime owner Brandon Hlavka and former general manager David Lantos are scheduled to appear in court on March 2 to face charges stemming from the incident.

In 2009 a New York bar was also found guilty of selling Spotted Cow and was fined  $20,000.