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Mucci's Italian is Serving Doughnuts This Weekend

The new St. Paul restaurant is selling doughnut tickets for next weekend. Does that mean it's opening?

Time to eat the doughnuts
Time to eat the doughnuts
Mucci's Italian

Once upon a time, the Strip Club Meat & Fish brunch service was led by a devilish imp of a chef who became a master of the fried dough arts. The glee with which he would create decadant beheamouths of deliciousness was infectious. A few pictures on the social media page for the restaurant and folks would be queing up to dig in.

There are still plenty of delicious reasons to hit brunch at the Strip Club Meat and Fish, but the originator of those powerful cravings has moved on. The chef was Chris Uhrich and he is now stationed behind the burners and the forthcoming Mucci's Italian - run by the Strip Club's co-owner, Tim Niver.

The menu at Mucci's will be Italian. Not the crudo based Italian refined work of late, but recognizable red sauce type dishes: an insanely good meatball, lettuce piled with shaved, salty cheese masquerading as a salad and a fried pizza that has to be tasted to be believed. Now, we know of one other dish the restaurant will be serving: doughnuts.

Tickets went on sale yesterday: $20 for two cake, two raised and two specialty raised doughnuts. Beverages will be available a la cart. Which begs the question, if the restaurant is open and serving food and drinks, does that mean Tim Niver's new restaurant opens February 21?

Mucci's is located at 786 Randolph Avenue in St. Paul.