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Seven Magnificent Chilaquiles to Try

Wake your taste buds up.

Possibly the prettiest are at Hola Arepa.
Possibly the prettiest are at Hola Arepa.

raditionally from Mexico, chilaquiles are a perfect dish for those late morning brunches when you need some spice to wake you up. Call them breakfast nachos if you want, this is a simple dish, comprised mainly of tortilla chips smothered in chile sauce and cooked down to a crispy-soft texture. The beauty of chilaquiles lies in the toppings that accompany the spicy tortilla chips, like eggs, roasted pork, cheese, and cilantro, to name just a few. Whether served upscale or like Grandma used to make, chilaquiles are comfort food at its best.

- by Theresa Swaney

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La Loma

While they are known for their tamales, La Loma also serves up a quick and flavor packed plate of chilaquiles to breakfast- and lunch-goers in the Midtown Global Market. Whole corn tortilla chips are smothered in a tangy green chili sauce just enough to be soft but still crunchy. Order them with La Loma’s juicy pineapple al pastor pork or a fried egg. Either way, you will be envy of all your work colleagues.

Image credit: La Loma Facebook page


Sonora Grill

Sonora Grill’s gourmet chilaquiles feature velvety tortilla chips drowned in salsa with a succulent heaping of either chicken rojo or pork guajillo, each as spicy as the next. You will also find two fried eggs, onion, jalapenos, and chihuahua cheese on the plate for good measure. Don’t kid yourself; these chilaquiles are all about savoring bites of mouthwatering meat and chips between sips of grapefruit mojitos.

Image credit: Sonora Grill Facebook page


El Taco Riendo

This much loved quick-service Mexican eatery in Northeast doles out made-to-order renditions of traditional chilaquiles to a constant flow of hungry customers. El Taco Riendo smashes their tortilla chips, submerges them in red or green salsa, and cooks them down, almost beyond recognition. Then, they are loaded with toppings like carne asada or spicy chicken tinga plus cheese, sour cream, onions, and pico de gallo.

Image credit: Yelp



The charm of chilaquiles often lies in the dish’s simplicity, and at Homi in Saint Paul, this modesty is on full display. Order their chilaquiles and a seemingly effortless plate of crispy yet docile whole tortilla chips smothered in red or green salsa will appear. Covered with an abundance of cilantro, cheese, and onions and served with fried egg, Homi’s chilaquiles are a home-cooked meal waiting to be devoured.

Image credit: Homi Facebook page


Hola Arepa

Chilaquiles are desirable any time of the day, including when morning turns to afternoon and brunch is long overdue. Served from 10-3 p.m. on weekends, Hola Arepa has reinvented the classic. Utilizing whole round tostadas they'restacked high, and oozing with salsa verde, fried eggs, black beans, and homemade queso fresco. A colorful mix of cilantro, pickled onion, and radish tops off what are decidedly not your grandma’s chilaquiles.

Image credit: Yelp



While slow roasted meats and southern cooking might be the star at Brasa, their plate of chilaquiles should not be overlooked. In a modern twist to this time-tested hangover dish, Brasa covers their salsa-drenched tortilla chips with chorizo and potatoes. If that isn’t enough to soak up last night’s alcohol, these chilaquiles also come covered in crema, cilantro and queso fresco. Your spoon will be greasy.

Image credit: Yelp



Amid an atmosphere of exposed ducts, low hanging pendant lamps, and dark wood paneling, lies a plate of sophisticated chilaquiles. While it may seems like a contradiction, like many other things, Tilia has elevated chilaquiles without losing sight of the dish’s traditional texture and flavor. Served with sweet corn, avocado, roasted pork and two poached eggs, Tilia’s chilaquiles are a delicious and delicate balance of old and new.

Image credit: Yelp

The Lowry

When you are mood for chilaquiles and everyone else wants benedicts and bourbon, a little trip to The Lowry is your best bet. This Uptown eatery serves your favorite spicy soggy fried tortilla chip dish with a big helping of hash browns--not to mention a pile of chorizo, black beans, thick-cut grilled peppers, a fried egg, and pico de gallo. While it isn’t most authentic plate of chilaquiles in town, all the essentials and a lot more are accounted for.

Image credit: Yelp