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Our Deep Fried Pizza Dreams Are Answered: Mucci's Italian Opens Tomorrow

The red-sauce place with the fried pizzas is ready for you.

Blessedly, crudo-free Italian food.
Blessedly, crudo-free Italian food.
Mucci's Italian Twitter feed

Suspicions have been confirmed: Mucci's Italian, the newest venture from Tim Niver (co-owner of the Strip Club Meat & Fish) will welcome guests beginning tomorrow. Dinner service will begin at 5 p.m.

Located at 786 Randolph the cozy restaurant was already working on soft service last night. Guests dined on flat disks of bread drenched in garlic butter, pizzas where the crust is first deep fried then topped before being baked and a pile of house-made pastas. The food is the work of Chris Uhrich with a little influence from Tim Niver's mother.

Niver, whose front of house service style is legendary among those in the biz, has said that this is the restaurant of his dreams. With any luck, some day he'll be a little old man, still welcoming neighbors to this spot, his other home. We're a long way from those days just yet. For now, the team just has to get through opening.

The space is limited: it's a wee little restaurant. So, go early. Plan patience. And please report back!

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