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Blucy Wishes Granted: Blue Door Pub Como Is About to Open

Totchos and cheese-stuffed burgers for everybody.

Local blucy, tater tot, and happy hour champs Blue Door Pub are set to open a third restaurant on Como Avenue near the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus. The blucy is the house-named version of a juicy lucy (or jucy lucy if you want to be picky). It's a specialty burger stuffed with cheese and additional like bacon, peppers, onions or even pastrami.

With hiring, licensing, and vendors aligned, the restaurant at 1514 Como Ave. promises a quiet opening of their doors no later than Leap Day, Feb. 29. “It all comes precariously crashing together,” Blue Door co-owner Jeremy Woerner says as the final arrangements are laid out inside the new space, where he says the opening will be modest and focused on customer service instead of a grand attention-getting ceremony.

The third Blue Door mounted its sign on Feb. 10 at the onetime home of Sol Tan & Spa and conducted a hiring fair at the start of the month. While opening is penciled for the final days of February, Woerner advises to watch Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, stating that information goes straight from team meetings to social media for their customers.

The Blue Door also features locations in St. Paul and in Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood with slightly altered menu and decorative concepts at each location. Blue Door ownership is also involved in the upcoming Hi-Lo Diner on East Lake Street, which is on track to open in mid to late March.