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The Stuffed Burgers You've Been Waiting For: Blue Door Pub Como Now Open

Cheesy, beefy, French fried tastiness has arrived near the U of M campus.

As promised, the third outpost of the Blue Door Pub very quietly opened its doors just before the end of February. Yesterday, on leap day, the restaurant officially opened at 11:00 a.m. with a pile stuffed burgers (the aforementioned blucy) waiting to be served to hungry fans.

The original Blue Door Pub first opened in St. Paul's Merriam Park neighborhood, on Selby Avenue, near the intersection with Fairview Avenue. The diminutive restaurant was so-named for its blue door - a holdover from the previous tenant (aptly named Puerta Azul.) After a couple of years of long lines and rabid fans, Blue Door Pub expanded to the Longfellow neighborhood, just across the river into Minneapolis.

Now, the saga of the blue door carries even further into Minneapolis with the latest location at 1514 Como Ave. SE. This location's menu will include all the favorite dishes fans have come to love, including the Burger of the Month and the Monday totchos (that's the illicit love child of a tater tot and a nacho.)

Blue Door Pub Como will be open 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. all week.