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Big Time Burger News You Can Sink Your Teeth Into in the Food News Cribsheet

All the food news you need to know today, Friday March 11.

It's back, baby!
It's back, baby!
Katie Cannon

When Vincent A Restaurant closed, there was much sadness and bemoaning the beautiful French fare. Perhaps most distressing of all was the loss of one of Minneapolis' most beloved stuffed burgers, the Vincent Burger. It's a whole mess of  cheese and beef shortribs crammed inside a juicy burger. Well, dry your eyes burger fans, that bad boy is coming back in a big way and it's bringing along some friends for the ride. Vincent Francoual is rolling out new menu items at the Cara Restaurant Group (Kieren's, the Local and the Liffey.) The beefy beauty will make its reappearance on Cooper's Irish Pub menu beginning Monday and served alongside will be those iconic skinny fries. Watch for an eventual roll out at the other restaurant.

Speaking of burgers, a new entry to the burger patheon is the stone cold stunner at Saint Dinette. Chef Adam Eaton is so enjoying the burger art that he's heading in to work on what is usually his night off to create an off-menu version just for fun. Luckily, he's a nice guy and decided to invite a few friends (that means you.) Tickets are $53.74 and include a burger, beer, crinkle cut fries and bar snacks. There's also a cash bar - oh, and who could forget the milkshakes? The festivities will take place Monday March 23 starting at 6:30.

Another event to mark down on the calendar is Terzo Does Italy at Kitchen in the Market (that's the cooking class/shared commercial kitchen/retail space at Midtown Global Market.) Charlie and Thomas Broder, the culinary wunderkinds who run Terzo in South Minneapolis are sharing some of their favorite Italian recipes and pouring some divine Sicilian wines - which makes sense, as Terzo is one of the best places in Minneapolis to enjoy a glass or four. The class is March 23 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm and tickets are $90, inclusive of wine, knowledge and all that yummy food.

Back to restaurant news, have you had a chance to check out Red Lantern Sushi in downtown St. Paul yet? This is the second outpost of the popular White Bear Lake restaurant that has taken over the former Fuji-Ya address on 7th Street. Business has been going so well, that lunch service has been added to the lineup.

While we're on the subject of sushi, Northeast is getting a new, tiny restaurant called PinKU that will serve Japanese street food. According to the Business Journal,customers can load up a tray with ramen, dumplings, spicy tuna rolls and the like and then take one of the 36 available seats. The restaurant plans to open on June 1 at 20 University Avenue, next to Keegan's.

— Hockey great Lou Nanne's Steakhouse will open this Tuesday inside the old Macaroni Grill location in Edina. Chef Josh Hill, who hails from the Manny's Steakhouse will be manning the kitchen. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner.