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Coffee Talk with Bob, James and Mike at Travail

Travail's owner-chefs would like to spend a little time getting to know you better.

James Winberg, Bob Gerken and Mike Brown brew a seriously good cup of coffee.
James Winberg, Bob Gerken and Mike Brown brew a seriously good cup of coffee.
Stephanie A. Meyer

Travail founders James Winberg, Bob Gerken, and Mike Brown have come up with yet another way to seduce the masses into their whimsical lair of gluttony. The recently launched Copper Table is their version of a Chef’s table, or a dinner party, where an intimate group of lucky diners with a certain amount of disposable income linger for three to four hours over about two dozen dishes, crafted just for them. The copper tables (literally, they are clad in shiny copper) are located in the semi-private area adjacent to the Rookery bar and can accommodate between four to 10 diners.

While the courses are selected by the chefs based on seasonal availability and inspiration, they do want their guests’ input. To that end, they now offer a pre-event consultation of sorts, a meet-n-greet they are calling Coffee Talk, where chefs and customers get to know each other over a cup of coffee (or via Skype) and some pastries. Guests can express their expectations, alert to any allergies and help guide their experience. But ultimately, it is best to sit back, relax and let the chefs do what they do best: make magic with chili oil and gelée. It’s about trust and living in the moment, Travail style.

Dinners at Copper Table run $200 per person or $300 per person for dinner plus drink pairing. You can book a table and get the full info here.

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