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Bonnie's Cafe Loses Lease And Will Close After 38 Years

The historic family-run cafe on University in St. Paul will shutter and The Dubliner will take the space.

The family-run cafe has lost its lease.
The family-run cafe has lost its lease.
Bonnie's Cafe Facebook page

The mint and white accented diner with the chrome coated bar stools is the type of restaurant that has mostly faded into history. The black cups of coffee and hearty plates are served to anyone hungry that walks through the door as cafe owner Becky Moosbrugger carries on her mother's tradition. Bonnie Rolle first opened her eponymous cafe nearly forty years ago, first at University and Western before moving to the current location, just off Cretin Avenue.

Mecca Bos from City Pages spent some time with the mournful Moosbrugger as she sorts through the emotions of losing the family business that she grew up in. According to City Pages, the landlord for the building, M & J Enterprises, made the decision not to renew Bonnie's Cafe lease and instead offered the space to the adjacent bar, The Dubliner. Moosbrugger says she didn't even learn this news from her landlord, but instead second hand from a neighbor before finally confirming the truth with the business. "This is all I remember of my life," she told Bos.

It is unclear how much longer the cafe will remain open. It could be as late as April 25 or as soon as today.

The Dubliner has agreed to take over the space and will expand later this year.