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The Rabbit Hole Relaunches Lunch

Korean fried chicken and bop bowls return to the midday landscape.

Opening shortly for the midday crowds.
Opening shortly for the midday crowds.
Katie Cannon

Once upon a time, two L.A. transplants found themselves wandering the Midtown Global Market in search of a taco of delicious repute. Instead they found a vacant food stall and a for sale sign. A crispy fried nugget of a dream was born and soon those two, chef Thomas Kim and Kat Melgaard, created a tiny food destination in the heart of Minneapolis. The punk rock style and gojuchang-spiked food, pulled through the life prism of the two resulted in a singular midday dining experience. Before long, the two had built a fast and furious phenomenon with Korean fried chicken, gloriously gluttonous curry-dressed poutine and seemingly insurmountable rice bowls. These food conquests had the fans clamoring for more. So, when a restaurant space opened up nearby, Kim and Melgaard made the leap to a full service restaurant and The Rabbit Hole was born.

Trying to keep up with all the mad service and the birth of their daughter (oh, and they got married in there, too) the talented duo made the difficult decision to cease lunch service. While we were able to console ourselves with crispy fried pig tails and the full bar for dinner, there was an undeniable hole left in our midday hearts.

Lunch is served again. Photo by Mecca Bos

Lunch is served again. Photo by Mecca Bos

Now, that hole and our stomachs shall be filled. The Rabbit Hole has announced that lunch is back in a big way. Counter service inside the bar is available - and the food is available for takeaway. Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The menu includes the double-fried Korean wings (get them dressed in gochu butter), Bop bowls, the Goober (good burger), plus new additions like a fry bread stuffed taco. Check out the full menu available here.

The Rabbit Hole

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