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New Food Truck The Smoking Cow Coming From Ian Gray

The chef who built a reputation on goat is moving to a new meat.

Smoky beef, you say?
Smoky beef, you say?
Photo courtesy Ian Gray

It's officially spring and that means food truck season is right around the corner. A new mobile eatery is in the works from a familiar name. Chef Ian Gray first opened the Gray House in Minneapolis' Lyn/Lake neighborhood in the summer 2012 and quickly earned a following for the ethically sourced, beautifully cooked fare.

The menu at the Gray House was seasonal, gastro-pubby and soon became famous in some circles for the incredible goat dishes. While there was plenty to rave about on the plates there (and rave the critics did), somehow Gray became known as the goat guy.

So, it made sense that when the restaurant closed, his next venture was devoted to the hooved cuties and the Curious Goat was born. Working with Singing Hills dairy and parking outside of Sociable Cider Werks, The Curious Goat fast became a favorite of the mobile food followers in town. (The cheese curds alone have amassed a cult following.)

Now, Gray is ready to embark on the next phase of his culinary career and move onto another favorite protein. His newest food truck will add to the fleet as The Smoking Cow. He will be working closely with Peterson Limousin beef and also has some Lips farm piggies that will be joining the lineup. And yes, there will be much smoking of the cows, not necessarily by the cows.

Look for a May debut of the new truck, very likely outside of Northeast's Tattersall Distilling. For details, follow @SmokingCowMN on Instagram.