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Fried Chicken and Pancakes Herald the New Cook St. Paul Dinner

The diner will now be open for Thursday night suppers. And there was much rejoicing.

The dining room at Cook St. Paul
The dining room at Cook St. Paul
Katie Cannon

After a stretch of hugely popular Friday night pop ups at the daytime diner, Cook St. Paul, owner/chef Eddie Wu has officially expanded service hours. The restaurant has added Thursday night dinner. "The idea to expand hours has been there since day one," Chef Wu explained. "It was just a matter of how and when."

Wu first transformed the former Serlin's Cafe into Cook St. Paul in the spring of 2014. The neighborhood diner was given a refreshed interior and a menu remake. American breakfast classics remained, but several got a bit of a Korean tweek. Fans flocked to the Payne Avenue spot for fluffy pancakes along with rice bowls and a killer kimchi. Soon a loyal following was built, spiked with Wu's signature hot sauce and full glasses of Gray Duck chai commingled with lemonade. Soon, popular Friday night pop up dinners were added and a reputation as one of the most exciting Eastside destinations was born.

After facing staffing challenges, Wu felt Cook was finally ready. He has recently brought on two chefs from The Craftsman. "Taelyn Lang and I have definitely assembled the best kitchen team that we have ever had," he said.

The new Thursday plan is to remain open from breakfast service starting at 6:30 am. through dinner and close at 8 p.m.. The menu will include nightly specials like this week’s chicken and pancake. That's one step beyond the chicken and waffle norm. Cook's buttermilk pancakes are topped locally sourced chicken wings dressed up Korean barbecue style. Douse the whole business in syrup and you have yourself an official winner chicken dinner.

Friday night pop ups will continue to run with guest chefs as long as Wu can fill his roster. He is also working on plans to open on Saturday nights for a month long resident chef. "Kinda like a drawn out pop up," he explained. He would also like to add Korean Food Night on Sundays.


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