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The View at Upton 43's Guest Chef Dinner with Erick Harcey and Doug Flicker

Two of South Minneapolis' most innovative chefs created an unforgettable tasting menu.

Last Friday night, the kitchen hummed inside Linden Hills' Upton 43 as two local megawatt chefs prepared a twelve course dinner for just a few special guests. Doug Flicker, chef and owner of Piccolo joined Upton's chef/owner Erick Harcey to create an unforgettable culinary event. The dinner was part of a series of area chefs dropping by to cook with Harcey in his kitchen. (Tickets for upcoming dinners can be found here.)

Flicker and Harcey had so much fun with this dinner, the two plan to do this again, this time at Piccolo on Sunday April 3 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $125 (not including tax, tip or drinks). Interested parties can call Piccolo at 612-827-8111 or email to reserve a seat.

Upton Forty-Three

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