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Six Restaurants Where the Eastern European Nostalgia Lives On

Fulfill those pierogi and cabbage roll cravings.

The imminent demise of Nye’s Polonaise Room, and the shuttering of Brasserie Zentral a few months back, has left us wondering: where are Twin Citians going to get their pierogie fix now? After all, Eater recently named the hearty dumpling as one of the eight essential culinary trends in the country.

While some aspects of Nye’s will never be replaced, and the elevated Eastern European cuisine served by Russell Klein at Zentral will be sorely missed, there are several places in town serving their own lovely versions of the plump pierogi along with a plethora of other soul soothing dishes from the old country.



For over sixty years, family owned Kramarczuk’s has been serving Eastern European dishes like cabbage rolls smothered in a luxurious tomato cream sauce and specialty sausages made in house. Varenyky, dumplings stuffed with meat, cheese and potato, sauerkraut or velvety cheese, are Kramarczuk's answer to pierogies, served with a tangy horseradish sour cream sauce.

Image credit: Wikimedia


Crossroads Delicatessen

Crossroads serves traditional family favorites, inspired by their Grandma Alma, for 20 years. Their beloved matzo ball soup is a soothing concoction of homemade chicken broth with tender pieces of chicken, sweet carrots and celery and a singular matzo ball the size of a small child. Their version of the European classic cabbage roll is a hearty dish braised in sweet and sour cabbage borscht and served alongside a generous heap of garlic mashed potatoes.

Image credit: Crossroads Deli


Longfellow Grill

One of the stars in the popular Blue Plate empire’s crown, Longfellow Grill is not exactly known for old-world fare, but among offerings of walleye benedict and chicken roulade, is a lovely plate of potato and cheddar stuffed pierogies topped with crisp onion strings and served with a kicky horseradish sauce. Get it as a shareable starter or as an entree complete with a thick slab of marinated steak.

Image credit: Longfellow Grill


Hammer & Sickle

Hammer and Sickle’s Russian specialties include an impressive line up of six varieties of pierogies. The list includes the traditional Comrade, stuffed with a creamy potato and cheese filling and topped with caramelized onions, bacon and sour cream, to the sassy Sputnik, which claims to be filled with potato, ground beef, a three chili relish and served with sour cream and tears.

Image credit: Hammer & Sickle


Moscow on the Hill

Moscow on the Hill is another vodka focused gem that serves three incarnations of the staple dumping, including two kinds of pelmeni- boiled dumplings filled with beef and pork, and the Ukrainian vareniki filled with potato, caramelized onions and asiago and garnished with dill.

Image credit: Moscow on the Hill


St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg in Robbinsdale covers all your dumpling needs with plates of Siberian and gravy topped pelmeni, cabbage or potato Vareniki and even Chebureck, a savory, fried pastry that is a popular street food loved throughout Eastern Europe. May we suggest a chilled vodka flight with your dumplings? St. Petersburg was named one of the top 10 vodka bars in the country by USA Today.

Image credit: Yelp