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Moroccan Flavors Find a Home at Midtown Global Market

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We've been short on those North African flavors.

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We're sorely lacking in tagine options in the Twin Cities. We can think of only a couple of other restaurant offering those long-stewed, exotically perfumed dishes. So, it was with much excitement that we saw a new cornflower blue stall taking shape inside Midtown Global Market.

Moroccan Flavors will soon open inside the former Sonora Grill space at 920 East Lake Street. The restaurant is the work of chef Hassan Ziadi‎, a native Moroccan.

No word yet on what will be on the menu, but tagines and couscous will play a part. For the uninitiated, a tagine is a conical shaped cooking device for which the dish is named. Any manner of meat, fish, and vegetable combinations can be combined in a tagine (much like a casserole is both a thing and the food it cooks.) Usually, they are beautifully seasoned with all manner of spices, like saffron, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, ras al hanout and so many more. We're giddy for the idea of the smells soon to pour forth from this kitchen.

Look for Moroccan Flavors to open later this month.

Midtown Global Market

920 East Lake Street, , MN 55407 (612) 872-4041 Visit Website