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Sea Salt and Betty Danger's Patio open for Business Today

A more sure sign of spring than spotting the first robin. Outdoor eating kicks off today.

Bundle up and hit the patio.
Bundle up and hit the patio.
Katie Cannon

The weather might not feel very summery, but we have two certain signs of warm weather on the horizon.

Ready to hit the wheel at Betty Dangers? The art installation/patio that works like a giant Ferris wheel at the twisted country club will be rolling some time tomorrow. It might not feel like summer, but Betty's is ready for the warm weather. As the season progressing, an outdoor ordering window is being added so that your putt putt game never has to be interrupted by a taco or blended drink craving.

Sea Salt Eatery, Minnehaha Falls popular seafood eatery is warming up the fryers as we speak. The fried food baskets, craft beer and ice cream scoops are back for the season. Bundle up and enjoy the first few days before the long lines also return for the season.

Sea Salt Eatery

4825 Minnehaha Avenue, , MN 55417 (612) 721-8990 Visit Website

Betty Danger's Country Club

2501 Marshall Street Northeast, , MN 55418 (612) 315-4997 Visit Website