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Christos Inside Union Depot Does Not Renew Lease

The future of the Greek eatery inside the renovated depot is in question.

Could Christos be leaving Union Depot?
Could Christos be leaving Union Depot?
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Many a wedding party has feasted on the Greek dishes from Christos inside the stately Union Depot in St. Paul. Future events might find something a little different on their plates as the future of the 20 year old restaurant comes into question.

The Pioneer Press reports that the owners have made the decision not to renew the lease which expires in May. So, the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority, which owns Union Depot, today turns to the Ramsey County Board to approve a call for request for proposals.

Christos' owner Gus Parpas told the newspaper that Christos might participate in the proposal process, but decided not to renew the lease as it was first presented to them.

The restaurant that serves inside that location will need to offer on site catering services for the multitude of events that take place inside the depot.

Right now, Christos provides catering for events in their space, but other caterers offer services for events in the other spaces located within Union Depot. Those contracts are set to expire this summer.

If the board approves, the request for new restaurant proposals will go out next week with a May 5 due date.

Christos operates a second location in Minneapolis on the Nicollet Avenue stretch best known as Eat Street.

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