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Moroccan Flavors in Midtown Global Market Is Open

Tagines, couscous and sandwiches are now being served.

There are new, exotic perfumes added to the cacophony of world cuisines available inside East Lake Street's Midtown Global Market. Morroccan Flavors is the newest stall inside the food hub and is the work of Moroccan-born, husband-wife team Hassan Ziadi and Samlali Raja. Jeremy Iggers writes for Global Twin that Ziadi has cooked in several top kitchens in the area, including at cafe un deaux tois, Vincent A Restaurant and Loring Pasta Bar.

The opening menu is limited, but if all goes well, there are plans for expansion. There are small bites like spicy cauliflower, warm baguette sandwiches, couscous, tagines and assorted Moroccan pastries. (Check out the full menu here.) The new eatery is also serving traditional mint tea. Prices are entirely below the ten dollar mark.

Midtown Global Market

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