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Eater Scenes: Hot Plate Diner in Nokomis at 9:30 am Monday

We stopped by the kitchy breakfast and lunch spot for a slice of early morning comfort.

The coffee cups are filled, the plates are laden with hearty fare while sad clowns gaze down upon patrons inside Nokomis' Hot Plate. This under-the-radar eatery is a well-kept neighborhood secret with a decor unlike any other, geared towards kids of all ages serving seriously tasty takes on classic diner fare. It's been open for 11 years now on this quiet stretch of Bloomington Avenue.

On weekends and early weekdays, the room springs to life as diners queue up for burritos, eggs benedict and pancakes — lots and lots of pancakes. The restaurant's co-owners each also own retail shops in Minneapolis and Duluth, respectively. This also explains the unique collection of retro-oddities that decorate the room. Inside, it's hard to stop finding new things to look at from the Rock n Sock Em Robots to the paint-by-number art to the whipped cream topped waffles. Even Mrs. Butterworth can't help but stare.

Hot Plate

5204 Bloomington Avenue, , MN 55417 (612) 824-4794 Visit Website