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Layers of Love On Your Couch: Mucci's Debuts Frozen Foods

Now you can skip the wait to get into Tim Niver's new restaurant and just cook that lasagna at home.

Tim Niver's Italian eatery offers new takeaway.
Tim Niver's Italian eatery offers new takeaway.
Katie Cannon

The tantalizing menu scribe at Mucci's Italian promises that the lasagna is "layers of love." Pasta in repose is dressed with that singular Mucci's red sauce, plenty of cheese and stacked up to flavorful climax inside the West 7th neighborhood's new destination eatery. The dish has garnered a legion of fans already and the restaurant has only been open for a matter of weeks.

Then, there is the fried dough pizza that is also dressed in sauce and a generous heaping of cheese with various toppings. It's another dish people has had plenty of tongues wagging. (And had a few faces suffering from the hot cheese chin spank that can happen when you try to eat it too quickly.)

Unfortunately for some, the wait that can stretch over an hour to get into this modestly-sized restaurant can be a deterrent. Now, all you have to do is drop by during business hours and skip the wait by picking up frozen pasta, sauce, lasagna and pizzas to take home and cook heat all by yourself. Check out the full menu and prices here. So, you take your "layers of love" lasagna, add in fat pants plus a side of binge watching TV and call that night a date night with yourself.


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