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Eater Scenes: Food Truck Friday in Downtown Minneapolis at 1:00 pm

Our warm weather is fleeting and that's why we take advantage of every moment above freezing,

It's been a long time since that first crew of food trucks rolled out onto the streets of Minneapolis. At first, it was just a hearty few: She Royal, Chef Shack, World Street Kitchen, Smack Shack and then the floodgates opened. Now, there is a truck befitting every food mood that might strike a hungry Minnesotan. Now, there are so many, that they don't fit just along the old parking spots. In downtown Minneapolis, the rolling kitchens line up along Marquette and 2nd Avenue South over the lunch hour.

Now, some say that the harbinger of spring is a fat robin. Others declare the warm season by actually wearing the sandals sans socks.We say it's not really spring until the first Friday lunch hour packed with choices from empanadas to chili fries to a golden pretzel the size of your head paired with a sunny patch of concrete with which to enjoy the feast.