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Cocktails For Tax Evaders, Kings and Snow Cone Lovers All This Week

There are several prime drinking opportunities coming up this week.

Inside the Library Bar at Marin
Inside the Library Bar at Marin
The Richard Hatch

The Richard Hatch. Photo credit Marin Restaurant & Bar

Hopefully, you've hit send or dropped those taxes in the mail by now. No matter if you made money thing happen back in February or you're desperately racing to the post office right now, it's clear that we could all use a drink. Marin feels our pain and is hosting a slew of cocktails inspired by famous tax evaders. Bartenders are drawing from the inspiration well of Richard Hatch (served naked?), TLC, Donald Trump (with a combover merkin?), and Bernie Madoff. The drinks are all available in the Library Bar just today and are 11% off. That's the recently-maligned tax rate for downtown Minneapolis.

Eater Inside: Scena Tavern

Martini prep inside Scena. Photo courtesy of Scena.

Another excuse for cocktailing comes on April 21 when Bittercube presents the Cooper Kings & South Lyndale Liquors at Scena Tavern. A $30 ticket (get them here) gets you 6 half cocktails, light appetizers and a recipe card to presumably remember what you're destined to forget. The party room is limited and will kick off at 7 pm.

heyday int Katie Cannon
Heyday_Cannon_eater_15.0.jpg" />

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since Heyday opened! What's followed was nothing short of a dazzling burst of culinary fireworks from Food & Wine's Best New Chef 2015 and co-owner Jim Christiansen. Twenty four months in and the food continues to bring us on a daily culinary adventure that is all the more fun when enjoyed with friends. That's why they're hosting a birthday party for all of us this Friday starting at 8:30 PM. There will be food, a DJ and plenty of fun dishes to sample. Even better, they're making boozy snow cones perfect for this weirdly early summer thing we have going on. Get the full details here.


2700 Lyndale Avenue South, , MN 55408 (612) 200-9369 Visit Website

Scena Tavern

2943 Girard Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 200-8641 Visit Website


901 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403 Visit Website