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The Sushi Burrito Trend Continues With Bibuta from Sushi Fix

Billy Tserenbat plots a return to Minneapolis mobile eats.

Ready to roll.
Ready to roll.
Billy Tserenbat Facebook picture

Hard to believe that it was four years ago that Billy Tserenbat first rolled his food truck through downtown Minneapolis. The ebullient chef lept to the curb and convinced all the naysayers that amazing sushi can indeed come from a food truck. Now, he's entertaining diners six days a week inside his Wayzata restaurant Sushi Fix. (Sushi sleeps on Monday.) Now, he's ready to get back where it all began: a food truck.

The new truck is called Bibuta (which we're told means beautiful pork in Japanese.) The burritos won't be packed with just the seafood Tserenbat is known for rolling. There will also be pork and veggie options and the gluten-eschewers will have some creative bowl options.

The launch is expected to happen around May 10. The truck will be parked at the Minnesota United games as well as rolling through downtown Minneapolis.