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Watch Governor Mark Dayton Try Out For The Restaurant

Andrew and Eric Dayton try to do their dad a solid by placing him on staff at The Bachelor Farmer.

Inside here, it's not a democracy.
Inside here, it's not a democracy.
Lucy Hawthorne

Before becoming known as the successful restaurateurs behind The Bachelor Farmer, Marvel Bar and The Bachelor Farmer Cafe, Andrew and Eric Dayton were perhaps best known as the sons of Minnesota's Governor Mark Dayton.

Today the Star Tribune shared a video the duo made for a Minnpost fundraiser poking more than just a little bit of fun at their dad by interviewing him for a position at their restaurant. Those paying attention will catch the ribbing on the failing grade he once gave himself, passing the proverbial buck (or pork roast) and more.

Swap Scranton for the North Loop and it's a successful nod to The Office (cue the music.)

The Bachelor Farmer

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