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Minneapolis' First Kaiseki Restaurant Takes Over Origami North Loop in the Food News Cribsheet

All the food news you need to know today April 22.

Open for the season!
Open for the season!
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Kaiseki Furukawa will soon take up residence inside the upper level one-time home of Origami in the North Loop. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl of Mpls./St. Paul Magazine reports that owner and chef Shigeyuki Furukawa has the ambitious plan of introducing the Twin Cities to the "elite Japanese dining tradition that has evolved from Buddhist temple meals." Many small courses are designed to flow one into the other building into an overall theme or mood - usually defined by the season. (She links to this article from The Atlantic to fully explain the highly focused tasting menu style of dining.) That's not all that's going into the planning, downstairs the space will also become a "pristine" Japanese restaurant - that means no Americanized cream cheese rolls or anything. If construction goes well, service should begin later this fall.

A certain sign of spring has popped up along with the new green leaves, the Dariette Drive-Thru is now serving the drive-up burgers and shakes. (Get to know the story behind the perennial St. Paul eatery before you go.)

Blackeye Coffee opening sometime soon in the Minneapolis skyway. There will be ten lines of draft coffee, plus there will be kombucha, tea and a few special n/a mocktails. For those that like it hot, there will be brewed drinks on the menu as well. There will be 18 seats available inside. The storefront is going in at 330 Second Avenue S.