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What Wasn't In Prince's Fridge

The Heavy Table's epic April Fool's Day Joke Returns

The icon was reported to have a great sense of humor.
The icon was reported to have a great sense of humor.
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To be a Minnesotan, a lover of music, or even just a weirdo kid that fled a small hometown to live in the rock n' roll ground zero of Minneapolis is to have been touched by the legacy of Prince. With all the purple tributes and a constantly streaming playlist provided by The Current, it's easy to soak in our collective mourning of the passing of the icon formerly known as an unpronounceable symbol.

In emerging from our grief, there are a couple of notable laughs to be found. The Onion nailed how much we collectively were not in the mood yesterday. There was the video of a very young Prince on stage with James Brown and Michael Jackson before falling off the stage and taking a bit of the props with him. And then there was the article from Heavy Table purported taking stock of what was in Prince's fridge.

The article was originally published on April 1, 2011, but it seems some online outlets have not been noting the significance of that date. The Munchies ran a look back at Prince's love of Dunkaroo's before realizing the error. Seems has yet to catch the joke, although declaring the contents made the star even more beloved. (Everyone loves an appreciator of Yak milk.) Maxim declared Prince's fridge better than yours, but later removed the article. Even the Today Show got in on the act.

The story will likely live on and we might never know if he really did love a loaf of challah from Cecil's, but at least we bet the gallon of maple syrup was close to truth.