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Check Out Today's Menu for The Dirty Bird Where The Only Constant Is Chicken

Erick Harcey's new rotisserie chicken shop is selling chicken and a revolving list of sides.

The bird is the star, but the supporting players start tasty, too.
The bird is the star, but the supporting players start tasty, too.
The Dirty Bird Facebook page

It's been a long evolution of chef and owner Erick Harcey's Linden Hills restaurant project. What was first conceived two years ago grew and changed as the chef did. He lost his beloved grandfather in the course of opening his restaurant Upton 43. At one point there was a planned cooking lab - that went away. (Although, going into that spot is Rose Street Patisserie from chef John Kraus). At first there was no tipping and now tipping is back on the table. The only constant throughout the entire evolution was the plan for The Dirty Bird. Now, that takeaway spot is a part of our reality.

Today we have a first look at the menu of what the chef is serving the neighborhood. A busy father of young kids with an impressive commute (Harcey and his wife have a farm located north of the Twin Cities) he appreciates the necessity of a quick and easy, wholesome dinner for the family.

At the center of The Dirty Bird's menu is the twelve hour brined bird, available by the half or the whole. Locally sourced and roasted to juicy/crispy-skinned perfection these chickens are then paired with several traditional sides that will change on a regular basis.

Half 8
Whole 16

Mac & Cheese
Wild Rice a-Roni
Shaved Cabbage w Lime
Mashers w Gravy
Today's Hot Veg
Large 6
Small 4


Honey Mustard
White Mustard

Banana Pudding 300 cents

Bratwurst 9
Chicken Wild Rice 7
Truffled Chicken 8

Upton Forty-Three

4312 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410