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The Country Bar in Uptown Rides Again

The beloved bar gets a refresh, but the dive bar heart's still beating.

The beloved dive gets new life.
The beloved dive gets new life.
The Country Bar

They were sad, dusty times near the intersection of Lyndale and Lake Street when the standard bearer of dive bars in the neighborhood went dark. Last night The Country Bar was lit up again for service. Ownership of the watering hole was taken over by Todd Smith, who also owns The Nomad Bar.

A few noted updates includes a flashy, vintage cowboy neon sign on the exterior and a western themed mural inside ceiling. Some of the animal accents remain, however. It is still The Country Bar.

City Pages shared a first look inside and reports menu has gotten a bit of a makeover, as well with more vegetarian options, fry bread tacos, but the classic wings remain. Prices are mostly in the $10 and under neighborhood. The full menu is available on the bar's website.