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Shuttered Lulu's Deli in St. Paul Takes to Crowdfunding In Hopes of Reopening

The Merriam Park corner store delivered Middle Eastern-influenced dishes to the neighborhood.

Is this the end for Lulu's?
Is this the end for Lulu's?
Lulu's Facebook page

There weren't many businesses were you could get kofta, hookah supplies and dog food in one location and sadly now, there is one less. Lulu's Deli that served a myriad of munchie banishing dishes to the college-student heavy neighborhoods nearby has closed. The corner store had operated in that location for 17 years. Five years ago, the shop underwent renovations and a kitchen, counter and a few seats were added along with delivery.

But all hope is not yet lost. According to Facebook, another location has been secured, in nearby Mac/Groveland and all they need is a few more funds to finish renovations. A Go Fund Me campaign that has thus far raised $100 of a $15,000 goal. Money raised will go towards inventory, a sales system, a beer and wine license and other costs necessary to restart the business.