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Bulgogi For Sunday Supper Is Starting This Weekend

Cook St. Paul declares Sunday Korean night at the Payne Avenue restaurant.

Cook St. Paul's Eddie Wu returns from Korean with inspiration.
Cook St. Paul's Eddie Wu returns from Korean with inspiration.
Katie Cannon

Eddie Wu has just returned from a trip to Korea, and he is eager to share his expanded knowledge of the peninsula’s cuisine. Beginning May 15th, Cook St. Paul will serve Korean dinners every Sunday night. Wu will launch the new service with a menu that demonstrates Korean cuisine is much more than kimchi. The succinct, small-plate style menu will include Larry Schultz organic wings tossed in guchu BBQ sauce, a Peterson Craftsman Meats hot dog covered with a Korean pepper ketchup sauce and toasted sesame seeds, bi bi bop bites of bulgogi or tofu and Korean style marinated veggies stuffed in a deep fried rice ball, and bindaetteok which is a mung bean pancake made with bean sprouts, ground pork and spicy cabbage, brushed with a Korean pepper oil. Entrees will include galbi Korean-style short ribs and dubu kimchi; butter fried kimchi tossed with bacon and seared tofu served with a side of rice. And you were worried there wouldn’t be any kimchi.

Look for evolving versions of the menu as Wu works to perfect new dishes.

Cook St. Paul will operate its usual Sunday daytime hours, closing at 3 p.m. and reopening for the Korean dinner service from 5-10pm. "This menu is intended to be food that works with Korean beer and Korean drinks," Wu explained. "This kind of food is referred to as ‘Anju’ in Korea."


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