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Pretend We Attended This Gorgeous Celebrity Dinner Party

A visual feast of Michael White's dinner at Spoon & Stable.

Chef Michael White breezed into town and (after a short detour past Corner Table Marvel bar, TBF Cafe and Bar La Grassa), headed into the kitchen at Spoon and Stable to kick off the Synergy Series. The quarterly held dinner parties are being thrown by chef Gavin Kaysen, perhaps best known as the guy who made the unbelievable decision to walk away from a successful career in New York City and open up a restaurant in Minneapolis' North Loop. Kaysen has called in some of his most celebrated chef friends to put on dinner parties inside his restaurant to raise money for some charities that are near to his heart. Chef White was the first chef to visit as a part of the series and the meal was gorgeous.

Tickets were sold out for the event, but a few lucky walk-ins were able to taste a couple of special dishes made just for the bar area. Kaysen noted that not every seat was filled all night long. That means for the next chef in the series, chef Michael Anthony's dinner is sold out, but there will be seats in the bar for a few lucky diners.

Kaysen recalled, "The second day of the event, Michael and his team spent two hours teaching my entire team how to make 20 different shapes of pasta….that was a master class for my team, in fact, we put the tray in the freezer so we could always look back on it - my team came up to me everyday after the event thanking me for bringing this here…but for me, the reason i brought him was to expose him to our great town and what we are building here."

Tickets for dinner with April Bloomfield go on sale August 15 for an October 13 dinner later this year. Until we get our tickets to the next dinner, here's what we missed.

Spoon and Stable

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