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Tracking the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Film Crew Through Minneapolis UPDATED

Guy Fieri was getting to know the locals this past week.

Did you spot this hair in town?
Did you spot this hair in town?

Triple D is back in town, and they run a stealth operation that would make the CIA proud. Last week was filled with vintage cars cloaked in fabric, chefs sworn to secrecy and tattooed star Guy Fieri swooping in and out of shoots like a bleached hawk, all because Fieri and his team were once again filming in our fair city. Also, he took his shirt off.

We first heard of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives’ most recent visit to Minneapolis when Stephanie March reported her 90 minute encounter with Fieri at Prairie Dogs,which included the aforementioned shirtlessness. She claimed he is as nice as pie and even asked her a question about the giant hot dog on her plate. Prairie Dogs tells us there will be a viewing party when the show airs, so stay tuned.

Fieri, who is known for his love of all things animal (except eggs, do not serve that man eggs) made a puzzling appearance at the Herbivorous Butcher. The successful vegan deli is not a diner, drive in or dive. Owners Aubry and Kale Walch knew he was coming, of course. They were approached by producers a couple of months ago but had to keep the whole thing under wraps. Now that the shoot is over, they posted about the experience on their web site and it seems all went swimmingly. Again, nothing but love for the Kulinary Gangsta.

On Friday, Fieri and crew made a pit stop at one of their "favorite DDD joints in Minneapolis," the 1029 Bar. There is an adorable shot on Twitter from their visit, but they are not eating, and Fieri is fully clothed.

The production team also filmed a segment at Red Wagon Pizza Company in South Minneapolis. Red Wagon sent out a letter apologizing for being closed for the shoot and sharing that a good time was had by all. Their kids even took the day off from school. As the Frosted One would say, "that’s off the hook!"

Update: an astute reader let us know that DDD also paid Holy Land a visit. According to Holy Land’s Facebook page, Triple D crew filmed there over a couple of days. Holy Land thanked the crew for making the whole process loads of fun.

Hopefully these lucky establishments are prepared for the onslaught of fans that are certain to line up at their doors once the show airs.