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Jefe Urban Hacienda Now Open on the Riverfront

A new Mexican spot on the banks of the Mississippi is set to open any minute.

The event center on St. Anthony Main is remade as El Jefe.
The event center on St. Anthony Main is remade as El Jefe.
St. Anthony Main Theatre

Historic Saint Anthony Main is the complete package, with lush greenery caressing the water’s edge and charming cobblestone streets forcing drivers to slow down and enjoy the skyline of Minneapolis. There are already lovely, open-air eateries where one can wallow away an afternoon, and starting today Jefe Urban Hacienda joins the mix.

Jeff Arundel, of summertime favorite Aster Café, has taken over the former event center and augmented on its abundant existing charms for the new restaurant.

The menu, according to Stephanie March at Mpls./St. Paul Magazine, promises to be both unique and familiar. There will be the requisite tacos, but you’ll find them stuffed with fried oysters and pork belly, for example. There will also be some typical Mexican street food offerings like tostones, and relatively adventurous entrees such as coffee and tequila braised pork. There’ll be burgers and such too, and lots of fab cocktails to enjoy on the patio like an of-the-moment Paloma or Mezcal Negronis.

The space is breathtaking - kind of old west saloon-ish but with less shoot outs. Jefe Urban Hacienda opens today at 4 p.m. at 219 Main Street SE in Minneapolis.