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Will the Drive In Season Pass By Without the Galaxy?

The flashy St. Louis Park eatery is up for sale.

The neon is likely not turning on this summer.
The neon is likely not turning on this summer.
Galaxy Drive In Facebook page

Steeped in nostalgia, the neon-lit restaurant just off Highway 7 in St. Louis Park usually lures families, burger fans and vintage enthusiasts during the fleeing Minnesota summer months. However, it looks like the days and nights at the Galaxy Drive In might be over. Rick Nelson of the Star Tribune reports that the eatery began as a fun diversion for restaurant-owner Steve Schussler, the man behind the Rainforest Cafe.

In quieter times, he officed across the street from the Galaxy Drive In site and built the restaurant as an extension of the day dreams he would indulge while working. Unfortunately for soft serve fans, business has pulled Schussler away from Minnesota as he works to open the Boathouse, a Lake Minnetonka-inspired concept at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida and Shanghai Disney. So, after six years of operation, the Galaxy Drive In is currently closed and up for sale. Anybody want to own a drive-in?