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Rose Street Patisserie Has Arrived to Save Us From Pedestrian Pastries

This is the second bakery from Patisserie 46's internationally renowned John Kraus.

Rose Street Bakery is blooming.
Rose Street Bakery is blooming.
Rebecca Zenefski

If you were in the vicinity of Linden Hills yesterday, it's possible there was a discernable whiff of freshly baked bread, melted cheese, rich chocolate and anticipation as the doors finally opened at Rose Street Patisserie.

This is the second outpost of Minneapolis chef John Kraus, the Coup du Monde medalling owner of South Minneapolis' Patisserie 46. Rose Street Patisserie is located inside a part of the former Settegren's Hardware store. (The location had originally been a part of Erick Harcey's ambitious Upton 43 plans, but when he shifted focus to the current concept, he decided to abandon the plan for that wing of the building on Upton Avenue near 43rd Street.)

Rose Street Patisserie is more than just a haven for heavenly baked goods, although there certainly are those.