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Bonicelli Kitchen's Dream of a Full Service Cafe Will Soon Be Realized

A July 1 opening date promises world-inspired sandwiches and wholesome cuisine.

A first look at food to come
A first look at food to come
Bonicelli Facebook page

Bonicelli Kitchen is putting the finishing touches on its new restaurant space at 1839 Central Ave. N.E. After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, and a bit of a location fiasco. This will be the first brick and mortar location for owner Laura Bonicelli since she launched her meal delivery business in 2009. During Art-A-Whirl last weekend, Bonicelli Kitchen opened the patio and shared a few dishes. Cubanos, roasted vegetable sandwiches, herb and asiago fries were served as well a selection of beer and wine.

While there’s not much yet to say about the space, which is still under construction, we can talk about Bonicelli’s opening menu. It will offer a variety of small plates (meant to mixed and matched) that range from balsamic braised beef to spring pea soup, Vietnamese-style baby back ribs to farinata with burrata and roasted tomatoes. They’ll also offer large and small plate options of house-made linguini; cod fish tacos, salad nicoise, and fusilli pasta with pesto and tons of fresh vegetables. Look for their doors to officially swing open July 1st.