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Cafe 128 Will Close Temporarily Next Week

The Merriam park bistro is open through the weekend, though.

Closing for a little spruce up.
Closing for a little spruce up.
128 Cafe

It's been an evolution for the 128 Cafe. The restaurant at the base of an apartment building on Cleveland Avenue, across from St. Thomas was long known as a great place to bring parents and for faculty to grab a bite of something delicious; likely the best ribs served on a white tablecloth.

When chef Max Thompson bought the cafe a few years ago, he assured many panicked fans that little would change from the favorites. However, that's been a bit of a hard promise to keep as the chef has stretched his culinary skills. From a burrito pop up to a new food truck, his ideas are moving the restaurant forward and sometimes, that clashed a little with the dishes from past owners and chefs.

Now, he's announced the restaurant is taking a little time off for some TLC. There is going to be some remodeling and likely, we're hoping, he will continue to ferry this eatery towards his culinary goals.

However, in this climate, any announcement of closure, even temporary, gives a few diners pause. So, if you're concerned that the incredible 128 burger or his plates that pull flavor inspiration from around the world, but land squarely in the Midwest might not return, or if you're worried about your ribs, or even if you've yet to discover this under-the-radar gem, better get in this weekend. The remodel begins May 31. We will keep you apprised of the re-opening date.

128 Cafe

128 Cleveland Ave N, Saint Paul, MN 55104 (651) 645-4128 Visit Website

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