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Watch the Perennial Plate Announce Season Four

The locally based, world traveling, James Beard Award winning duo return with a new season of their webseries.

Daniel and Mirra are heading out on the road again.
Daniel and Mirra are heading out on the road again.
The Perennial Plate blog

The first season of the Perennial Plate came about as Daniel Klein, a chef, returned to Minnesota after years of living away. He believed it was a good time to open a farm to table restaurant. That was until he got to know our culinary community and decided instead to find a new way to explore the link between the land and the food we eat. He and his now wife Mirra Fine took off, just the two of them, filming first a year of eating around Minnesota, including a fateful trip to a farm to film a slaughter that solidified Mirra as a vegetarian. From there, the two have traveled around the world and shared meals and stories from every corner of the globe.

If you've never watched the show before, a good entry point is this one minute in Mexico episode, it's an assault on the senses and a guaranteed kick off to a taco craving.

This season, the duo will visit four locations and get to know each new region over a season. First up, summer in Colorado.

It's been over a year since the last season as the duo worked on PBS' Victory Garden Edible Feast, another online cooking show and cooked up a little bit of their own home grown goodness. This season will also have to make room for a new cast member. Son James is also just over a year and he will be joining them on the next adventure.

Get your eyeballs and stomachs ready for a little summer vacation without leaving home. You can read all about the plans on the show's blog, too.