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Even More Barbecue, Chicken and Finally Some Take-Out With Revival Minneapolis' Expansion

The fried chicken restaurant is taking over the retail real estate next door.

Nick Rancone is on the left, curly blonde hair in a pony tail wearing a suit jacked over a black Henley, Thomas Boemer on the right, with close cropped brown hair, a plaid shirt unbuttoned over a blue t-shirt. In front of them is a spread of Revival dishes including crispy fried chicken.
Nick Rancone and Thomas Boemer inside Revival.
Katie Cannon

Even after a year, you're apt to find a line out the door every night of the week at Revival.  The restaurant best known for chef and co-owner Thomas Boemer's beguiling fried chicken can barely keep up with demand. Today, co-owner Nick Rancone shared that the two shops next door to the restaurant, located at 4257 Nicollet Avenue will become part of an ambitious Minneapolis expansion.

Not only will the additional space expand the number of seats available from 40 to 120, but the added room will allow for a top-of-the-line smoker, and that means more brisket to love.

But that's not all, with the extra room, we'll finally get what had been promised so early on in the Revival plans: take-out. When the restaurant first opened, plans had always included the ability to chicken fans to walk away with a bird as desired. However, they just never expected for the kitchen to be running at full capacity from the moment the doors were swung open, until the oil finally stopped bubbling at night. There has been no way that they could add orders for take out, but that is about to change.

According to Rancone, if all goes well, the Minneapolis expansion should come on the heels of the second restaurant currently taking shape inside the former Cheeky Monkey space on Selby Avenue in St. Paul. That project is still on track to open this summer.


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