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Brake Bread Bakery Opened Its Doors This Morning

The bike delivery bread subscription has moved into the West 7th neighborhood and opened shop.

The Brakery is serving.
The Brakery is serving.
Brake Bread Facebook page

The lucky residents of St. Paul's West 7th neighborhood have been harboring a secret. Each Wednesday, a canvas bag placed outside the doors of those who subscribe and each week would magically yield some freshly baked goodness from Micah Taylor and Nate Houge. Additionally, attendees of the Midtown Farmer's Market have come to depend on the weekend mornings filled with sweet, glazed buns and crusty loaves. These ambitious bakers have been cultivating a following and demand had grown beyond the small commercial kitchen's capacity. Now, with a lot of hard work, a successful Kickstarter campaign and the help of some friends, the duo have finally just opened a spanking new bakery. (Or, because they're cute "brakery.")

The word just went out over Twitter that the doors have been unlocked at 1174 West 7th Street and freshly made cardamom rolls, cinnamon rolls, scones and cookies are awaiting a few lucky patrons.

Plus, as the operation gets rolling, look for an expanded delivery area. The crew recently added drop offs to homes in Highland Park. Here's the full delivery map. In addition to delivery and baking goodness, the crew behind this business believe in doing good. That's why buyers can also sponsor a loaf that will be delivered to people who could use a little extra, like families with a new baby, dealing with illness or even the good folks at Joseph's Coat who help neighbors in need.

We're still waiting on word for regular hours and what we can expect from the brakery now that it's ready, but for now, follow that scent of cinnamon and let us know what you find.