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Take Advantage of a Chef's Night Off

Learn to prep and serve from a critically acclaimed chef.

Take a Look Inside Saint Dinette, Now Open in Lowertown Katie Cannon

What food lover doesn't, on occasion take a moment while prepared dinner to imagine what it's like to be one of the top culinary talents in the city? There's an upcoming class inside the food hall on East Lake Street that will give attendees the chance to step inside that dream for just one night.

Kitchen in the Market (the shared commercial kitchen space/cooking school) hosts a monthly series called Chef's Night Off and the next up is Adam Eaton. Eaton, a La Belle Vie veteran and current chef extraordinaire at Saint Dinette, will be at the helm on Monday, May 23. The limited-attendance class offers participants a hands-on opportunity to cook, learn techniques and dine alongside some of the Twin Cities’ best chefs, up close and personal. The chef's menu will be inspired by the seasonal and international flavors of the Midtown Global Market. A portion of proceeds will go toward a monthly donation to Corner House, a non-profit organization battling child sexual abuse in Minneapolis. Tickets are $130 and available here. Space is limited.