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Leading Ladies Depart Farm-to-Table Eatery and More Intel

All the food news you need to know today, May 6, 2016.

A little switcheroo action in Tangletown.
A little switcheroo action in Tangletown.
Wise Acre Eatery Facebook page

Caroline Glawe and Beth Fisher have been with Wise Acre Eatery since the restaurant was first opened next to Tangletown Gardens five years ago. Now, it seems the chef and front of house maven are moving on to their next project. According to the Star Tribune's Rick Nelson, the split with the owners (who have the restaurant as well as that gorgeous gardening center nearby and the Southern Minnesota farm that supplies the eatery) Dean Englemann and Scott Endres was completely amicable. It's just time for a new adventure for the women, although they are keeping tight lipped about what that project will be. In the meantime, longtime sous chef Brianna Baldus will move up the line to run the kitchen and bar manager Tim Schweitzer will lead the front of house.

It seems the uniquely named Zeke's Unchained Animal space at 3508 East Lake Street in Minneapolis is getting a new tenant. In what might win the running for least Google-friendly name for a restaurant his year, a sign promises the International Bar & Grill is set to open soon.

Also on the cusp of opening is the Viking Bar. Hot on the heels of the remaking of Uptown's Country Bar, it seems beloved dives are finding life all over town. tI's hiring and the sign above the West Bank bar's facade promises that the opening is coming soon.

A new place to take a break from the ice is coming to Blaine's Fogerty Ice Arena. Sticks and Stones bar and grill will open sometime in June and remain open all year round.

Erin Campbell is ready to shine on food TV Food Network

Erin Campbell is ready to shine on food TV

From the home of our favorite unicorn poop cupcake comes a challenger for the next Food Network Star reality show competition. Woodbury's Nadia Cakes general manager Erin Campbell is taking a shot at getting her own show. The competition pits 13 chefs against one another for the opportunity to launch a television career (this is the show that thrust Guy Fieri onto our collective consciousness.)

Speaking of the catch-phrase loving host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, we hear he'll soon be rolling back into town to capture another crop of small mom-and-pop type restaurants around town. Be sure to hit us up at the tipline with sightings!