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Where Alton Brown Ate While in Minneapolis

Before performing to a packed house, Brown took advantage a few of our good eats.

Sweet samples of Sweet Science
Sweet samples of Sweet Science
Sweet Science Ice Cream Instagram

Not only did Alton Brown, host of the Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen make some stops around town for food while visiting on his Eat Your Science tour, he ate and shopped almost like he was a Minneapolitan.

First things first, while we have great food in town, we are perhaps better known for our music. Brown perused the vinyl selection at the Electric Fetus before ambling on over to Nicollet Avenue and hitting Five Watt Coffee.

As anyone who loves brunch knows, Hola Arepa is the ideal location for an early morning weekend meal. Brown Instagrammed the bejesus out of his arepa, yucca hash,  and the irresistible chilaquiles before declaring the food "simply amazing."

Now, even a celebrity can appreciate a free sample and he took great advantage of being in town for the monthly bevvy of frozen treats shared by Sweet Science. He even paused mid-scoop to snap a photo with owner Ashlee Olds.

After all that, with what must have been a full stomach, it was time to hit the stage at the Orpheum.

Alton Brown's view inside the Orpheum theater last night.

Alton Brown's view inside the Orpheum theater last night. Photo courtesy Facebook

Hola Arepa

3501 Nicollet Avenue, , MN 55408 (612) 345-5583 Visit Website

Five Watt Coffee, Kingfield

3745 Nicollet Avenue, , MN 55409 (612) 259-7519 Visit Website