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Barbecue Week Kicks Off Right This Very Second

Slow and low, here we go.

This could get messy.
This could get messy.
Rudolph's Barbecue Facebook page

Welcome to Eater's first ever Barbecue Week. Starting right now and continuing on through Friday evening, Eater Minneapolis (and the rest of the Eater universe) are diving into the world of sauce, smoke and meaty good things. Stay tuned for a slew of maps, interviews, articles and videos delving into all things barbecue.

We'll be posting in all the usual places, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, if you're out and about sampling the smoky stuff, use the hashtag #eatermpls and #barbecueweek, we want to follow along on on your eating adventure. Send us your thoughts via the tipline or take to the comments to make your opinions heard. Because if anything is true about great barbecue, it's best shared with friends.

Ready? Grab a stack of wet naps and a steady supply of sporks. Here we go.