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Prolific Minneapolis Restaurateur Eyes East Town for New Projects

An all-day eatery and a bakery are a possibility for Mill City District.

Could we be getting more of Bartmann's unique eateries?
Could we be getting more of Bartmann's unique eateries?
Kim Bartmann Twitter

A newly submitted proposal by Sherman Associates for the redevelopment of a parking lot near Mill City Museum in Minneapolis includes two eateries by prolific restaurateur Kim Bartmann. (Bartmann also owns, Bryant Lake Bowl, Cafe Barbette, Bread and Pickle, Pat's Tap, Tiny Diner, The Third Bird, and Red Stag Supperclub.)

A restaurant referred to in the public documents as Mill District All-Day Place is proposed as a 4,782 square feet, first level restaurant on Washington and Park Avenue South, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a casual environment. The space will include a large patio on the corner of Washington Avenue and Park Avenue South. The proposal refers to the restaurant as "a true all-day neighborhood spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—a place for people to have an everyday, healthy, affordable meal." The kitchen will also service the second proposed space, a bakery on 2nd Street South.

The bakery would be a 1,521 square feet, first level shop with a loading dock patio- the design echoing the loading dock streetscape of Mills City Museum, according to Sherman Associates. "Kim Bartmann is a leader and innovator in the restaurant industry," the proposal states. "Her restaurant concepts will provide distinctive offerings that will generate an entirely new dining experience; and will be an amenity for the residents, workers and visitors to East Town."

"Like all of Bartmann’s restaurants, the menu will be seasonal, eclectic, and will feature sustainably and locally produced ingredients as much as possible," the proposal promises.