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Handsome Hog’s Barbecue, By the Numbers

The smoke is slow and the brisket sells fast.

Katie Cannon

Since they opened in St. Paul’s hopping Lowertown neighborhood, the Handsome Hog has been packing in customers with it’s meat-forward, Southern-tinged menu. Now that the restaurant has garnered a rave review from the Pioneer Press’ Jeff Fleming, who referred to the brisket as “glistening and perfect,” the modestly sized spot is humming even harder with activity. We checked in with owner Carol March and chef Justin Sutherland to give us the breakdown of all the pimento cheesy, slow smoked, meaty goodness by the numbers.

Feast Your Eyes On The Handsome Hog
All the hog inside Handsome Hog
Katie Cannon/Eater Twin Cities

Pounds of brisket sold in a week

  • 440 lbs.

Number of ingredients in the barbecue sauce

  • 10

Fastest amount of time the brisket has sold out

  • 32 minutes

Number of barbecued items on the menu

  • 6

Amount of time the brisket is smoked

  • 24 hrs

Average wait time for a table on Saturday at 7 PM

  • An hour and a half

Different cuts of pork appearing on the menu

  • 9

Number of beverages featuring smoke on the menu

  • 3

Pounds of pimento cheese sold a week

  • 50 lbs

Amount of time it takes chef to break down a whole pig

  • 45 minutes

Days officially open to the public so far

  • 103

Bottles of bourbon stocked

  • 52 bourbons, not including American whiskeys or ryes

Most popular dish on the menu

  • Tie between the brisket and chicken and waffles

What's today's Pig of the Day?

  • Bacon pancakes

Number of pigtails sold last night

  • 1 order