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Mr. Robert's Resort Makes Desperate Plea to Keep Doors Open and More Intel

All the food news you need to know right now.

Keep this road trip reason alive.
Keep this road trip reason alive.
Stephanie A. Meyer

On the eve of its first full summer season, the Pengilly resort from chef Sarah Master and Dan Beckwith that's serving, by all accounts food worth a road trip, is in danger of closing. Mr. Roberts has made a public plea, via a Go Fund Me Page to keep the doors open. Seems the first winter was rough with not enough snow, but enough ice to make the trip unappealing to us out-of-towners. Now, they're four months behind on the mortgage and have until the end of this month to pay in full, or they will be forced to close. Sad, because it does look like a little slice of Northern Minnesota heaven.

The road construction this summer has been extra brutal (my Google Maps looks like a successfully complete Word Find.) A stretch of Minneapolis' Minnehaha Avenue has been completely dug up and the businesses that are impossible for customers to reach are suffering. The Rail Station, a delightful dive of the meat raffling/ karaoke hosting variety has closed. The owners are giving the room a refresh after twelve years of business. When it re-opens it will be known as The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar with a fresh concept.

In much, much happier news, PinKU is opening in Northeast with a late night cocktail party tonight from 10 P.M. to midnight with otoshi (snacks) and drinks. The restaurant will serve Japanese street food like a fat tuna roll and fried ramen with crispy pork.

Also, hold onto your hockey pucks fast food fans, Canadian restaurant juggernaut Tim Horton's has announced the company is expanding in Minnesota.

Saving possibly the best news of next week for last, Lawless Distilling is just about ready to open. Between our first taste of the spirits and the knowledge of the Bittercube people that will be manning the cocktail room, this looks to be a whole lot of tasty business. You can start sipping Thursday June 23.