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Ready Player One: Up Down Opens Saturday

Video games, pinball, beer and pizza: all of our dreams have come true.

Pinball Wizard, reporting for duty.
Up Down Facebook page

The classic games are cued up and just waiting for those fresh, shiny tokens to hit the slots. Up Down is set to open in just a couple of days just off Lake Street on Lyndale Avenue.

The idea was born out of what might be the only great idea to ever come about at a bachelor party. Josh Ivey, Sam Summers, and Rafe Mateer were already hospitality industry veterans, but when the idea came to gather a bunch of old school video games inside a place with beer and pizza, they knew they were onto something.

Other locations are in Kansas City and Des Moines. This is the first in Minnesota. The menu will serve whole pizzas and by the slice along with a few other food selections. There’s also a serious beer selection with 48 available, with a focus on the locally made.

Putting the final touches on before opening.
Up Down Facebook page

Perhaps most fun thing about the spot are the games. Teaser shots have included old school Street Fighter, Tron, NBA Jam, there are also vintage pinball machines and possibly skee-ball.

Up Down will open at 6:00 p.m. Saturday June 25 and 20 tokens will be passed out to the first 100 guests. If you have any questions for the team behind the deal, a virtual quarter down on the screen, if you will, contact them at @updownmpls at 8 p.m. tonight.